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Steps to Successful Trade Show Marketing

Develop realistic objectives for the trade show that cover your most popular products as well as your new products.

Trade shows are a profitable way to showcase your products and services. They are exciting events for everyone, customers as well as companies. Attending a trade show offers you a focused, concentrated venue for presenting what you have to offer to a high percentage of people who are really interested. That beats sending out thousands of mailings to reel in only a few customers. You can showcase your popular products and introduce new products at a trade show. You can make new contacts and see what other companies have to offer.

Distributing promotional giveaways play an important role in successful trade show marketing. Trade show organizers work hard to entice you and other exhibitors to participate. In turn, you need to have a plan that makes the most of your participation and brings clients to your booth and persuades them to buy your products and services.

Clear, Realistic Objectives

Develop realistic objectives for the trade show that cover your most popular products as well as your new products. Be sure you get the right booth size for displaying your products attractively and ensuring that visitors feel welcome and comfortable. You should have plenty of giveaway items at the booth, enough to last through the pre-show promotion. Small items imprinted with your company’s logo can be sent through pre-show mailings to encourage attendance. Typical giveaways are magnets, notepads, letter openers, mini-calendars, and pens.

Trade Show Competition

There is a significant difference between dealing with customers and with other businesses at a trade show. Companies compete with each other for attention. In the competitive environment of a trade show, it’s important for your company to stand out from the crowd. You want to make sure your company name is well represented. In displaying and distributing your promotional products, be sure that they catch attention.

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